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FREE DELIVERY ON ALL LAPTOPS - LIMITED OFFER Laptop packages offer a much higher specification Notebook for the same price as an ordinary specification Notebook from other makes. With you get MORE computer for your money!

All our Notebooks are available with the leading TIME MACHINE Backup Software that fixes software problems and resets your PC back to factory settings. It automatically provides a backup of all your Windows software and configuration settings. RRP £99. Only £29.99 extra when bought with a PC, but FREE with all PCs this month - Limited Offer.

In order to allow you to choose the system thats right for your needs, we have created 3 sections to view. Home Laptop packages provide an entry level notebook systems that still offers good functionality and high quality at a low, low price.'s Power Laptops are for those who require maximum performance and cutting edge technology from their notebook computers. Ideal for power users who require the best from their computer hardware.

Total Care support packages are available for all models from just £5.99 per month.